6 Ways Digital Signage Can Boost Revenue

Learn How Digital Signage Can Benefit Your Business

1. Attract Customers Based on Location

You can prompt customers to stop and want to enter your facility by curating your content based on your location. Creating location specific content can be powerful and it can easily triple customer foot traffic into your location. For example if you’re located on a highway or main road on that way to a unique destination or landmark you can advertise products that would bring customers into have a pitstop such as coffee, a coffee and meal or even just for use of a restroom.

2. Educate Your Audience To Buy

Customers are expecting more from companies they shop with so it’s not enough to just have a static paper sign these days. Digital signage enables you to loop through various content pieces, for example you might advertise your coffee but it’s more engaging and informative to cast a short video showing where the coffee was sourced. Informative and educational digital signage works. Customers want to know how your product came about. One poster or sign won’t communicate that kind of information but digital signage allows you to tap into content you’ve already created digitally and reuse this! A much better way of engaging your customers.

In context digital signage is a perfect medium to educate and inform when you already have foot traffic you your location. Whether you’re putting up high definition images, interactive videos, carousels of products or contextual data such as weather, way finding or maps it can certainly enhance your customer experience and in turn allow them to make better buying decisions. Ultimately, this takes a lot of the work out of your staff would could be busy doing other productive tasks.

3. Reduces Print Costs

In comparison to flyers and printed posters, digital signage is a highly cost effective tool to get your content out and resonate with your audience. Unlike print advertising, it allows you to update your messages in real time, with a few clicks and no extra costs. You would likely already have digital content created from your website or previous advertising campaigns. So it’s just a matter of adding it in.

Compare this to the cost of printing an entirely new piece of content from scratch which involves designing the content, getting it reviewed, sent to the printer and posted back to you. This could take days or weeks. By the time this is posted it’s not timely. 

Print materials are expensive and need to be designed and sized. Since the process is slow it costs your business money because you had the opportunity to already have the latest content on screen. You could have had multiple pieces of content showing rotating at once. The cost of printing also begins to become a burden when you need to advertise constantly. Compare this to the cost of digital which is virtually nothing there is a clear case to switch to digital signage. 

Not only are screens more environmentally friendly, they yield better investments with better ROI in the long run. They don’t have the heavy recurring costs associated with printing, storage, distribution, updating and changing print signage.

4. Earn Revenue From Ads

Digital signage gives you the opportunity showcase your products and services but also tap into the advertising world by getting advertisers to pay you for your location eye-balls. Even though you won’t want to run ads all day everyday you’ll have the ability to show some ads in-between content changes. You might feature ads that are promoting products you sell from suppliers you stock or you might feature ads from local businesses if you’re a council or municipality. Mediumcast will generate ad revenue from advertisers which you can access with our subscriptions. Contact us today to ask more. 


5. Real Time Promotions

Digital signage gives you the ability to publish messages instantaneously with just a few clicks, meaning you can be extra-targeted with any promotions or even send up to date minute by minute deals, broadcasts, news and weather. For example, if you own a retail grocery store and you’re got to get rid of an overstock of produce you could setup a promotion in minutes to sell at a deep discount before your goods go off. You would recover the stock price and you might even entice customers with a two for one deal with another product. This is a perfect example of a timely promotion and another place you can use digital signage.

The sign announcing the sale of your overstocked produce can be transformed into an engaging and powerful promotion using digital signage. When done properly, a digital advertisement can grab your audience’s attention much more quickly, and adapt to be hyper-relevant to different situations. For a business, timely promotions translate to more engagement and better performing ads which drive revenue.

6. Showcase Product or Service Arrays

When you have digital signage setup you can choose to setup an array of static of moving images with product/promotional content. This actually allows you to promote multiple products at once on a timed loop. This gives your business the ability to show products or services that customers weren’t even aware of. Research shows that 68% of people would be influenced by products or services advertised through digital signage significantly increasing the likelihood that the advertised product would sell. If you had those probabilities why not setup an array of products or services you sell to showcase to potential customers?  

Digital Signage Is The New Print Medium

Nowadays, digital signage is a more efficient, cost-effective, engaging and powerful way to engage your customers. It’s the new standard for delivering content in context in person. Done correctly, it will boost revenue, sales and lower your costs of advertising. 

In addition, it can help raise brand awareness, deliver useful real-time information and make your location standout. 

If you’re interested in getting started please contact us. We’re here to help your reach your objectives. 

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