Digital Signage For Australian Hospital and Healthcare Sector

Mar, 2021

In Healthcare it’s critical people get the right information at the right time. Whether it be a waiting room, hallway, emergency or pharmacy kiosk it’s important to ensure you help people navigate and obtain information to make timely decisions.

For a patient or customer it’s a stressful situation and an unfamiliar environment. Wayfinding is important, as are hospital door signs that let people know they’ve gotten to their desired location. By adding digital signage to your medical environment, outcomes can be improved for patients, visitors and staff alike, and even the community the hospital is a part of. Additionally, information about locations of key ammenities, bathrooms and waiting rooms have help patients navigate their way around.

Waiting rooms can be improved with contextual information such as a queuing system to indicate when next person in the queue is up. Countdown timers can also be added to help the patient experience and reduce anxiety. Easing waiting room anxiety is one of the 6 Reasons Why Digital Signage in Healthcare Benefits Patients.

Offering options through a QR code scan for immediate viewing on a patients phone is also an easy and simple way to bring information onto their trusted device. This can be accomplished with Digital Signage.

Self service is also becoming a common practice. Mediumcast can help setup interactive screens or kiosks in clear view, in places people are most likely to want and need to use them. By giving people a self-service option, and a sense of control over their circumstances you can better meet individual customer and patient preferences. This can also avoid the issue of having clogged up queues and lines in your waiting rooms thus easing the pressure on staff too.

Digital signs for hospitals are also beneficial for workers themselves. For example, where employees need to know where to get further information on testing, roosters or other administration activities management could display this in staff areas.

Digital signs can even go further, recognizing staff achievements, progress towards goals, anniversaries and so on. Everyone likes to be congratulated on a job well done, and healthcare workers sometimes have a very hard job. Training and certification opportunities can also be promoted in on-screen messages, allowing staff to constantly improve the range of skills they use to help people.

Beyond the internal organisation your local community can benefit from hospital digital signs. You can promote donors, fundraisers, blood drives and other important public events. Perhaps you offer classes, or workshops in health and safety matters. Let people know they’re in good hands by showing messages that tell them about awards and grants the hospital or staff has received or community outreach projects.

Getting started with digital signage doesn’t need to be a complex or expensive. It’s easy to get started, simply contact someone like Mediumcast and we can get you started day 1. With the goal in mind of making things more efficient, safer and clearer moving towards a digital signage system that works in real-time makes sense.

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